Kime Sorame
Tough v08 c80 - 107


Eye in The Sky

Kime Sorame is the ultimate self-defense technique that pushes one far beyond their own limits. It’s an ability meant only for the chosen ones. A development of Inner Vision to the point where user places them self outside of their own body and gain a birds eye view of the fight. It’s when your mind is in a different zone, when you find yourself on the edge of consciousness and there is what you could call a third man in the fight. The third man phenomenon is also known to appear when people are in a life threatening situation and their survival instinct is pushed to its max.

User’s perception and all their senses are pushed to their limits allowing them to feel and know where everyone is and what they are about to do as if they are moving in slow motion. Thus by judging the coming movements and moving to react to them, they can completely control the flow of the fight. Dodging all of opponent’s attacks as they close by a hair’s breath, to the point where observers won’t know it’s going to hit or miss till the last second.

Those whom have mastered this technique such as Kiichi or Son-O, can enter it by placing themselves in a trance.

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