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Kintoki Miyazawa
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宮沢 金時, Miyazawa Kintoki
みやざわ きんとき
Nickname Grandpa
Origin Japan
Gender Male
Age About 70
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryuu
Family Kiichi Miyazawa (Grandson)
Kiryuu Miyazawa (Son)
Sonou Miyazawa (Son)
Seiko Miyazawa (Son)
Yumiko Miyazawa (Daughter)
Debut Information
Manga Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Chapter 1: Becoming a Star
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Anime OVA 1
I'm not impotent, you stupid kid! You want some proof?! Why don't you look at this!

– Kintoki to Kiichi.

Kintoki Miyazawa (宮沢 金時, Miyazawa Kintoki) is a supporting character in the series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough and Tough. He is the grandfather of the main character Kiichi Miyazawa.


He is a jolly person that likes to flirt with the older women in the neighborhood and has shown a perverted side. Kintoki also shows much pride as well as faith in Kiichi's determination to bring the family back together and become the head.

But Yumiko says that when Kintoki was younger, he was a real terror rather than fun-loving person.


Kintoki is a short, bald man that normally wears a skull cap and tracksuit during the course of Tough.



Even though Kintoki was a former head of the Miyazawa clan he has ironically never shown to display any skill in martial arts and does not openly participate in training Kiichi. This fact along with his small stature and lack of physicality (in a manga where the author has shown plenty of masters hanging on to their skills even in an advanced age) raises some questions about his past.

Although, he was the creator of the Centipede Lock and had Heizou Onikawa teach it to Kiichi (his reasoning for this was that he would be soft on his grandson). He also taught Sonou, the Kaishuken and all of his sons, the Bullet Slide.

Kintoki has also faced the Yuugenshinkage-ryuu's former head, Jouichirou Kusakabe, multiple times. It is unknown whether or not he lost those battles. Kiryuu suggested that his father lost some of these battles, but Kintoki simply replied, "Don't go making up lies on your own", meaning the battles either ended in draws or won all of them.

Furthermore, at one point in the Tough manga, Kintoki surprisingly severs the strings of a piano without touching them or implicating he did when he confronts Kiryuu (but only way to discern Kintoki did something was the smile on his face, Kiryuu's surprise and the lack of any indication of tampering on his part or freak coincidence).

Additionally, in the Playstation 2 game, Tough: Dark Fight, he is a playable character and is depicted using the Kobakushou as a special move.