Kinzo Kuroda
OTON v01 106-107
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Oton 3
Gender Male
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Kinzo Kuroda is a fictional character from manga series of Oton.




Back during the bubble years, the Syndicates and Banks were borrowing huge sums of money from every financial institution and speculating with it on the stock market and real estate. Then the bubble burst and the banks still have yet to press the syndicates to pay their debts. Approximately 100 trillion yen of uncollectible debts. About 80% to 90% of that debt belongs to the syndicates. Kinzo was one of the leaders of those Syndicates. Even the most aggressive big shot politicians tremble before him. Kinzo got a loan from JFK Bank starting at a billion yen. On top of that there’s a norminal 50 million yen a year charge for consulting and advising. The publishing and advertising fees for the Kinzo’s economic research center’s monthly magazine economic revolution comes to 20 million yen per year. After he asked JFK for another five million yen loan they sent Seiko Miyazawa to inform him that they were canceling his subscription to his business publication and refusing his request for a loan.


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