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Kiryuu Miyazawa
宮沢鬼龍, Miyazawa Kiryū
みやざわ きりゅう
Nickname The Monster's Monster
Origin Japan
Gender Male
Age 40s to 50s
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryuu
Family Kintoki Miyazawa (Father)
Seiko Miyazawa (Twin Brother)
Yumiko Miyazawa (Older Sister)
Sonou Miyazawa (Older Brother)
Kiichi Miyazawa (Adoptive Nephew)
Marcio "Jet" Naitou (Biological Son)
Ryusei Nagaoka (Biological Son)
Yuki (Daughter)
Edgar C. Garcia (Son)
Garcia’s clones (Sons)
Debut Information
Manga Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
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Anime n/a

Kiryuu Miyazawa (宮沢鬼龍, Miyazawa Kiryū) is one of the main antagonists of the series. He is considered as the incarnation of the devil by anyone who has met him. He is more of an anti-hero type as he constantly pushes Kiichi to surpass his limits.


Unlike his brother, Kiryuu is wicked and completely ruthless. He is also an intellectual that quotes philosophers, appreciates art, and read many books even when hospitalized. But this is only another facet of his ruthless nature, because Kiryuu values mental and physical strength above all else.

In spite of his evil behavior, Kiryuu has shown a humane side to him, as he has been depicted as enjoying things like ice cream and comedy with a genuine smile on his face. He also is capable of displaying compassion and even love, as he rescued Marco Naito from a group of death squad thugs and raised him as his son, and clearly holds a lot of affection for him, despite putting him through harsh training even as a child, as he smiled with pride when Marco swiftly defeated Ernest Kerman, and he has also said that he wants Marco to be an even greater fighter than him in every way.

This compassionate side of his can extend to people he barely even knows, as he encouraged a young boy who was a victim of bullying and parental neglect to never lose.


Kiryuu looks almost exactly like his brother Seiko Miyazawa, since they are identical twins. The only exception being that Kiryuu has slicked back hair, a scar across his face and he doesn't wear glasses.



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He has superhuman endurance. Kiryuu has been able to fight with severe physical injuries, including gouged eyes, crushed throat and broken arm. Kiryuu possesses the physical condition in his legs called the Dragon Foot (Japanese: 龍腿(ドラゴン・フット), Doragon Futto).

Kiryuu possesses extensive command of the martial arts, specifically the Nadashinkage-ryuu. His proficiency is such that he is both revered and feared, internationally and within the most criminal circles.



  • In the side story Tough Gaiden: Oton, it is revealed that Kiryuu fathered a child with the daughter of the United States President.
  • Kiryuu can play the piano.
  • He managed to train a kangaroo once, and was proud of it when it won a match.