Kiyomasa Samon
Koukou Tekken-den Tough v04p150
左門清正, Samon Kiyomasa
さもん きよまさ
Nickname The Monster
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) The True Nature of the "Demon"
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Wrestling
Family Unknown

Kiyomasa Samon (左門清正, Samon Kiyomasa) is a fictional character from the anime and manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough. His nickname is the Monster (凶獣, Kyōjū).




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Ring Of DarknessEdit

In New York on June 25th 1989, 2am Kiyomasa Samon put on the “Ring of Darkness” a real Vale Tudo worthy of ancient Rome; biting along with gouging eyes all was allowed. His opponent considered to be the greatest kick boxer of this century, was the FBK’s Super HeavyWeight Champion Barry Smith. When Samon used his signature technique the Hell Drop on Smith crippling him Paolo ordered his death. But he was able to fight his way out. The champion had four body parts paralyzed and the armed bodyguards were crushed in mere seconds. That’s how the legend of the monster the ultimate combatant called Samon was born. Samon is no more or less than a survivor that won a battle between life and death.

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After Heizo Onikawa threw his fight with Kichi, Kiyomasa Samon was hired to destroy him.


After his defeat by Kichii Samon decided to join Pancrase but first went to get his affairs in order. He went New York to meet Barry Smith who not only forgave him but offered to fight him again. On his way home he was mugged and killed.


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Kiyomasa Samon is a modern day Frankenstein's monster. An abominable beast "created" by Heizo Onikawa that combines the physique and combat instinct of an animal. Along with a well thought out technique without any weaknesses, he’s the ideal fighter who has surpassed his master.

No man in the world can wrestle evenly with Samon on his feet, on the ground. He possesses a technique that can adapt to any situation and combat style. Samon in fights with no rules no rival is up to par with him. He has absolutely no blind spot or weak point.


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