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鼓爆掌, Kobakushō
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryuu
User(s) Kiichi Miyazawa
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Kobakushou (鼓爆掌, Kobakushō; literally: "Palm of the Exploding Drum") is a special fighting technique.


A Nadashinkage-ryuu technique that destroys the eardrums by boxing opponent’s ears. Boxing someone's ears is achieved by basically cupping the hand and slapping it against the person’s ear. Having one's ears boxed disturbs one's sense of balance, wrecking havoc to their sense of equilibrium. This was because striking the ear with a cupped hand sends a large volume of air into the ear chamber where it would hit the eardrum and cause it to start ringing. Because the eardrums helped maintain a person's sense of balance, having one eardrum damaged will disrupt that sense of balance.