Koji Funada
船田 幸司, Funada Kōji
ふなだ こうじ
Nickname n/a
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) An Unexpected Challenger
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Pro Wrestling
Family Unknown

Koji Funada (船田 幸司, Funada Kōji) is a very strong fighter although does not show it most times.[1][2]


Funada is usually a very weak person, allowing himself to be continuously beaten by the person he manages, Fujita. He is mild mannered and respectful. Funada even allows himself to get beaten with a brick just to allow Fujita to make his point about wrestlers.[2]

However this is all an act, as Funada actually shown to be very strong and very confident in his own abilities as a fighter and wrestler, wanting to fight against a man who had just Fujita's arm with one kick.[1][3] Funada is also very merciless during battle never caring about his or his opponents safety willing to turn a simple fight into a death match if that meant victory, as shown with his fight against Kiichi.


Funada looks as though he is in his twenties, and is well built. Funada also has black long hair that goes passed his ears.[4] Funada, when taking off his shirt has showed that he has a very massive physique having built it through his years of wrestling.


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit


Although not much is known of Funada's history, it is known that Funada was bullied in school. Fuanda was also, at some point before the story, trained by Kiba in wrestling.

Fear of the WrestlersEdit

Funada was first seen at the backstage of the wrestling ring, and had tried to make Fujita feel better about his recent loss, but it was however fruitless, as he was instead hit by Fujita. Funada then tagged along with Fujita outside, where he Fujita overheard a person say wrestling was faked. To prove Wrestling wasn't just all show, Fujita breaks a bottle with his head, and procceds to beat up Fujita with a brick in order to prove his point further. Funada was saved from further beatings, however, by Seiko Miyazawa, who broke Fujita's arm, after Fujita beckoned him to fight him, with a kick.[5]

Funada had then chased after Seiko and Kiichi, who had ran away after breaking Fujita's arm. Funada then challenged Seiko to a fight, and had pushed Kiichi away, but Kiichi Miyazawa persisted which caused Fuanada to try and kick him instead. Funada and Kiichi were about to fight, until Kiba, the general manager of SWL, had came.[6] Kiba had then told the history him and Seiko, as they had once been in a death match.[7] Funada, was told by Kiba that his fight with Kiichi was a street fight meaning anything goes, as Fuanda had gotten ready to fight Kiichi.[8] Funada had shown how resilient a wrestler could be as he had fought against Kiichi, no matter the injuries he had suffered such as his head being busted open by hitting his head on the concrete, his fingers were split by Kiichi's kick, or when he broke a soda machine with his shoulder tackle. Funada was relentless and nearly tried to smash Kiichi with the broken soda machine but was stopped by Seiko who knocked him out, knowing it could become a death match if he didn't stop it.

Funada is then seen working out at the gym, where it was shown that he does know about the news article showing him that he was defeated by a highschooler, getting him very angry. Funada gets angered when two of his seniors, in wrestling, starts making fun of him for his loss, in which ended with Funada beating them both up by himself. Funada, however, becomes very scared as an unknown figure completely destroys his arm.

It is revealed, during Kiichi's fight with Heizo Onikawa, that Heizo was the one who broke his arm, leaving him unable to wrestle for three months.


Funada has shown to have a lot of stamina as he was able to keep up with Kiichi and Seiko without getting tired.[1] This durability is further proven as Funada was un phased by his injuries during his fight with Kiichi, not caring that his head was split wide open on the concrete.

He has shown to have massive strength being able to break a soda machine with his shoulder. Also, Funada has practiced karate, being able to match Kiichi's kick with a kick, reacting without much effort.[9]

He has shown to be a proficient wrestler as he was able to tackle Kiichi, although not much of his wrestling ability was displayed.



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  • He is based on real life pro wrestling and mixed martial arts legend Masakatsu Funaki (who, interestingly, is the Japanese voice of Seiko Miyazawa in the OVA).
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