Kubi Nage
Kubi nagi
首投, Kubi Nage
Fighting Style Judo
User(s) Goji Kano
Similar Ura Nage
Tomoe Nage

Kubi Nage (首投, Kubi Nage) is a Judo throw that is classified as a hand throwing technique.


When using this throw the person who is performing it has to hold his opponent around the neck with one arm and the opponent's wrist/forearm with the other. The throw is performed by lifting the opponent on the hip and turning him in mid air using the hold on the neck and wrist so he impacts on the ground with his weak side. Note that the body of the thrower should not be entirely in front of the opponent because it prevents him from lifting the opponent on his hip.

In the first series of the manga, Goji Kano used the Kubi Nage against Kiichi Miyazawa.

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