Kujuu/Kujo Baramaru
Tough v08 c84 - 186
Nickname The Joker
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 29:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Engetsu Kenjutsu
Family Unnamed Father
Kujuu Baramaru is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.




One of the final 16 in the elimination match Kujuu is a sadistic fighter who got his rings by slicing the fingers off of his opponents. This was first witnessed by Motosekiwa who was discussed at his brutality. When he did the same to Motosekiwa Kichii chose to fight him. Though he decided to postpone his fight with Kichii until the last battle.

Though he wasn’t one of the 3 finalists he did end up fighting Kichi when the later sensed his presence on the train ride home.


Kujuu Baramaru is one of the Full Moon Swordsmen. Since he couldn’t fight in the elimination match with a regular blade he used a branch and a rock ground into a blade that he brought from Seiji Udo

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