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The Kusanagi Style is a family art that makes extensive use of the range and power offered by kicks and most especially spinning and jumping kicks while the hands and arms are primarily used for defense. The most important aspect of the Kusanagi Style is flexibility and balance. Masters are able to defend nearly any area where their legs can reach combined with their speed they can be a one man wrecking team.

Although this style attempts to maintain some balance between speed and strength most users are known for their rapid fluid movements rather than raw power. Physically speaking Kusanagi Clansmen are usually not built to soak up damage even though the style includes many of the same methods to 'toughen up' a user that most styles use. Technically an 'open' hand style the hands and arms are used in combination with quick body turns or movements in order to defend against attacks. The hands are also used for grabbing or pushing movements extensively designed to maintain distance or attack set up.

As with all styles, users of Kusanagi Style will vary from individual to individual. The primary difference between styles begins with the most basic stances and movements. It would not be uncommon to see two users of this style sparring with one maintaining a traditional stance with feet firmly planted and arms held at fixed defensive positions while the other uses animated almost dance like steps with the both the legs and arms. The style varies even further as the basics translate in to slight variations in everything from the most basic kicks to masters using the most dramatic and powerful attacks that the style has to offer.

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