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Love at first Sight
Volume 1, Chapter 4
Chapter 4 cover.png
English title Love at first Sight
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date March 18, 1994
New Characters Takako Kawashima
Expert in Kicking
Handshake of Destiny

Love at first site is the fourth chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the fourth chapter in the series.


Kiichi is seen angry at his friend, Moriyan, for setting him up with a very unique looking girl, but is able to get out of it, by giving her Ishige instead, much to his horror. Kiichi and Moriyan then talk about the biker from yesterday, but the conversation is quickly interrupted as Kiichi sees a girl, and quickly become infatuated with her. Kiichi tries to ask her out, but it seems she has no interest in him at the moment, as she fights three other tough looking women by herself, although she is helped by Kiichi after one tried to stab her. They then leave, and the beautiful girl introduce herself as Takako. Takako then wonders what style did Kiichi use, but is answered by the strange biker who states that it is the Art of Life and Death, who also seemed to have figured out his name as well.

Story Notes[]

  • Kiichi meets Takako for the first time.
  • Kiichi receives a Band-Aid from Takako.
  • Mitsuhide shows up, and shows his knowledge of both Kiichi and his martial art.


  1. Kiichi Miyazawa
  2. Moriyan
  3. Ishige
  4. Takako Kawashima
  5. Mitsuhide Kuroda


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