Manji Shindou
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 30:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Shindou School of Taijutsu
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Manji Shindou is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


Manji Shindou is a sadistic fighter who likes to here the most is to hear the sound of a strong guy’s bones.The loud sound of a dislocated joint, the sound of a broken ligament which is loose. The creaking of a fractured bone. It’s only when he hears those sounds that he enjoys victory. Seeing a strong man who is so proud of himself, begin to cry like a new-born when he hears the sound of his bones. Is like a drug to him.




Tough v05 c48 - 120
Manji Shindou is a participant in the Japanese elimination match. Years ago Waka Miyashita’s father challenged Manji to single combat after he maligned the Sekishin School by referring to it as the karate of children and lost horribly. The outcome of the fight had been decided in an instant. Manji continued hitting his opponent who was still immobilized due to the complex leg lock. Waka’s father was finished unable to escape due to the pain of the leg lock. When he was released from the hell that seemed like an eternity to him. He was nothing more than a cat which had got run over by a car finally overwhelmed by the humiliation and dishonor he put an end to his days.

He ended up fighting  Kichi after he knocked Waka out. He ended up becoming very excited when Kichi was able to match him is a submission fight.


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