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Marcio "Jet" Naitou
マーシオ"ジェット"内藤, Māshio "Jetto" Naitō
Nickname Yellow Brazilian
Origin Brazil
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Abu Dhabi Fight Club
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryuu
Family Kiryuu Miyazawa (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Seiko Miyazawa (Uncle)
Kiichi Miyazawa (Cousin)
Mister Sakura (Manager)

Marcio "Jet" Naitou (マーシオ"ジェット"内藤, Māshio "Jetto" Naitō), his surname is also often romanized as Naito, is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


He was a cruel combatant early on and showed no mercy to his opponents. Later on, he exhibited a protective, merciful and kinder side of himself with his girlfriend and when he saved Sanae Kikuta from the drug's side effects.

Jet's most defining trait was his strong devotion to Kiryuu Miyazawa that came from gratitude for protecting him and making him stronger.


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Jet stands at 178 centimeters and weighs 78 kilograms. There are also scars all over his torso and arms.

He had a dragon tattooed on his chest out of respect for Kiryuu when he thought he died.



Kiryuu Miyazawa was in Montmartre when he met Jet's mother who was a designer. Kiryuu stayed with her until she gave birth before leaving. His mother later died when she went to Brazil. Jet grew in the Japanese district of Liberdade.

He met Kiryuu when he and his friends were attacked by the "Death Squad". Kiryuu found out about his location by luck as he walked in the slums. He could tell from a single glance that Jet was his son. In the blink of an eye Kiryuu ravaged everything. Jet took Kiryuu to be the devil for even though he believed in god his harsh life had led him to believe that god hated him. Even though Kiryuu killed the "Death Squad" Jet did not fear him from that moment on something inside of Jet changed.

After that he mostly lived and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was there that he met the love of his life Emma. He would visit her place when ever he had the chance. Sadly it turned out she was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend which he discovered when he came home early. After punching him out of a window when he tried to kill him, Emma shot Jet. It was thanks to this that Jet was once again able to become stronger.

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Jet was chosen to participate in the Hyper Battle as the South American representative. He fought in the fourth match against Ernest Kerman. During the second round he fought Yum.

After confirming the rumor that Kiryuu was assassinated, he swore revenge on Sonou Miyazawa for his part in Kiryuu's death. He fought in the third round against Sanae Kikuta and then went on to fight Kiichi Miyazawa in the finals. Realizing that the mafia was interfering with their fight the two coordinated their attacks to make it look like they attacked him by accident and with the ref down their blood began boiling to fight even more.

The referee was eventually replaced by Sonou who declared that their would no longer be anymore rules in the match. However, the match was temporarily stalled when it turned out that he wasn't the real Battle King. The impostor informed them that Kiryuu was still alive. After everyone calmed down they reentered the ring and began the fight again. The match was once again turned around when Kiichi used the Bosatsuken. Still refusing to admit defeat, Jet got up once again upon seeing his father entered the arena.

With renewed vigor Marcio gained the upper hand putting Kiichi into a ground pound. From the ground Kiichi was able to not only counter but use an explosive move on Jet. Jet fell down face first on the mat causing Sonou to call the match. Upon regaining conscious, unable to except his lose in fact not even remembering how he lost Jet continued to attack Kiichi, but was stopped by the Battle King. After they calmed him down, Jet accepted his lost as well as Kiichi's hand in friendship.


After the match Don Gambino's men surrounded Kiryuu and ordered him to let go of Don Gambino. In the ensuring fight one of Gambino's men got off a lucky shot but Jet stepped in the way at the last second and was killed instantly. At Jet's funeral Kiryuu carved "Kiryuu's son" on Jet's gravestone.


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Jet is a real martial arts genius who was personally trained by his father Kiryuu Miyazawa. The Nadashinkage-ryuu's skills are embedded into him. As a deaf mute he has lived in a world without sound since he was born. Fighting is a synonym with communication for Jet. It's not through language that Jet is creating relationships with other people but by fighting with them. To break the heart of his opponent isn't enough for this Yellow Brazillian who feels victory only at the time of the bone breaking.

Jet's ligaments are extremely limber and flexible and thus he can twist them more than a normal person can. And thanks to that they have the capability to twist for a max of 270 degrees.