Masakazu Naruse
成瀬 昌和, Naruse Masakazu

なるせ まさかず

Nickname The Invincible Shinku-kai
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Confession
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Shinku-kai Karate
Family Unknown

Masakazu Naruse (成瀬 昌和, Naruse Masakazu) was an old friend of Mitsuhide Kuroda, and the best martial artist around his home town, before the start of the series.[1]


Masakazu was shown to be a very kind hearted person, never discriminating against anyone, who was considered an outsider. He has also shown to be very prideful in his name, "The Invincible Shin-Ku Kai" as it was driving force behind his victory over Mitsuhide. [2]


Masakazu has a very big muscular build. He has a broad face, and has a buzz cut, having a sliver streak, showing skin, on each side of his heads. Masakazu is seen wearing the outfit of of a karateka. He is seen wearing casual clothing when not participating in a match.[1]


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

True Inheritor ArcEdit

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v01 - 161

Masakazu was once a strong martial artist and was able to take on anyone, around his town, having been considered invincible. Masakazu had invited his best friend, Mitsuhide Kuroda, to enter a tournament with him. After they each had faced other opponents, they had both gotten to the finals where, he and Mitsuhide had to fight. Masakazu had struck first, but Mitsuhide had avoided it. Masakazu then used his infernal rush, to weaken Mitsuhide, and then was able to hit Mitsuhide in the chest. Before, however, Masakazu was able to finish Mitsuhide off, Mitsuhide had jumped and kicked Masakazu in the back of the neck. The two had fought on and eventually Masakzu had won, being given a trophy for his efforts. After the tournament Masakazu was eating with his friends, even being congradulated on his victory by Mitsuhide, when he had suddenly collapsed. It was revealed that the cause of his death, was the kick to the back of the neck Mitsuhide had delivered during their match, as he had died five hours later, do to a brain hemorage.[3]


Although not seen how far, Masakazu has shown to be an expert combatant, mastering Shin-Ku Kai, being able to defeat a young Mitsuhide.[4]

Shin-Ku Kai is a martial art style that relies heavily on a person's endurance and power, to which it is perfect for Masakazu as he has both the massive heart and body, to keep going.[5]


  • Infernal Rush: Masakazu's ultimate technique which allows him to continuously throw punches at his opponent at quick speeds, not only affecting the body but also the spirit, always creating an opening at the end.[6]


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