Master Ma
Oton v02 p141
Before studying zen, a mountain was just a mountain and a river was just a river. When I learned zen a mountain was no longer just a mountain and a river was no longer just a river. But now that I am enlightened, I see that a mountain really is just a mountain and a river is just a river
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Origin Chinese
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Debut (Manga) Oton 7
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Ryuukuu Shinken
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Ma is a fictional character from manga series of Oton.




Master of the Ryuukuu Shinken when he discovered that his student Kaku Shobun was poisoning him for choosing Chou Genbin for succession over him he saw it as the sin he must bear for punishing and distorting him that greatly. He wanted Kaku to focus on becoming a true warrior and not worry about the succession for humans who hone techniques capable of taking life must possess an equal amount of spirit.


Ma is the master of the Ryuukuu Shinken and has been practicing for 60 years

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