Mikhail Milokovich
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Origin Russia
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 206:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Systema
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Mikhail Milokovich is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mikhail is an obedient and quiet man. He must’ve had a grudge against that officer.


Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mikhail has numerous scars and a missing arm from his time in Russia.

History[edit | edit source]

Mikhail Milokovich is an ex-member of the “Spetsnaz” the Russian Special Forces. When he discovered corruption within his ranks one of his fellow soldiers attempted to kill him before he could. Mikhail was able to kill the man but lost his arm in the scuffle. He later sought refuge in Japan with Danjuro Hanakawa.

When Iron Kiba visited Danjuro Hanakawa and ended up insulting him he ordered Mikhail to dispose of him. After their fight Kiba agreed to help Mikhail get back to Russia and his family if he broke a fighter named Miyazawa of the Nadashinkage school

Iron Kiba ended up ambushing Seiko Miyazawa and Mikhail after their fight. Thinking that Mikhail was incapacitated he informed him that he never had any intension of helping him and that Danjuro was going to sell him back to the Russian mafia. Only to realize that Mikhail was fine when he attacked him

After dispatching all of Danjuru’s men Seiko got down on his hands and knees and begged him to spare Mikhail’s life. Danjuru agreed only if Seiko gave up his arm as compensation. When Seiko agreed he used his sword-cane to attempt to chop off Seiko’s arm however the blade was blocked by Seiko’s arm muscles preventing Danjuro from slicing through. Witnessing Seiko’s conviction he agreed to spare Mikhail

Abilities[edit | edit source]

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