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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 283:
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Mikogami is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough. He is also the founder and owner of Monster Wars.


Mikogami doesn’t consider himself a fighting promoter but more as a fixer. He gives those who possess a spirit that is fueled by fighting a place to meet. All he is trying to fix is a place for the pride of Japan to take center stage. He is a believer in the way of Tokugawa. However all this is merely a façade Mikogami’s one and only goal is to lure Phantom Joe out of hiding to get his revenge out of him.



Tough c308 (6)
Mikogami is a quadriplegic with both his arms, legs as well as half of his face requiring him to were artificial limbs as well as a mask at all times.


Not much is known about Mikogami’s early life other that at some point he was attacked by Phantom Joe. Mikogami was forced to watch as Joe tore his flesh apart with his bare hands and ripped off his arms and legs. However even after losing all of his limbs and being left for dead Mikogami refused to give up his sole motivation becoming nothing more then to become strong enough to kill Phantom Joe. To that end he began making his mutilated body strong enough to accomplish the task. 

However even after all of that Mikogami was aware that he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Joe so he created the Monster War’s tournament in an effort to gather strong warriors to aid him. So he was glad when he met Kichi as it showed once again that the Nadashinkageryu was capable of bringing down a man under any circumstance. After setting up the match between Kichi and Tomioka Banai he invited him to his house in order to demonstrate the prowess of the fighter he would be facing. He did this by having Tomioka break the arm of a man who owed him money but couldn’t pay it back. Seeing Kichi’s disgust at their actions and realizing that he needed him to fight in the ring he had Tomioka show Kichi his strength again by attacking him

So he had Kichi bet that if he lost his match against Tomioka he would become Mikogami’s new enforcer. However Mikogami true goal was to make Tomioka strong enough to stand against Phantom Joe as well as draw Joe out. Even though Tomioka lost Mikogami realized that given Kichi’s strength Phantom Joe would seek him out. Nevertheless even he was surprised to sense him in the crowd.

After Joe was defeated by Son-O he was given to Mikogami who was seconds away from killing him only to be attacked by Weasal. While Mikogami desperately fought Weasel just played with him. After his arm was cut off he tried to run to no avail. Weasal admitted that he had nothing personal against Mikogami and even promised to make his death a quick one. As a last ditch effort Mikogami revealed his grenade launcher but still proved to slow and ended up getting his head crushed.


Tough c307 (11)
Mikogami has added numerous robotic parts to his body to protect himself from Phantom Joe. His right artificial limb has been fitted with a machine gun while his left contains a grenade launcher. He also has robotic legs that allow him to easily cleared a 100 meters in 10 seconds making him fast enough to out run cars.

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