Mitsuhide Kuroda
黒田光秀, Kuroda Mitsuhide

くろだ みつひで

Nickname Ashura
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) Expert in Kicking
Gender Male
Age About 18
Voice Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese)
Tom Wayland (English)
Fighting Style Nadashinyo
Family Takako Kawashima (Girlfriend)
My blood is boiling... The beast that's sleeping within me is awakening...!

– Kuroda during his fight with Kiichi.

Mitsuhide Kuroda (黒田光秀, Kuroda Mitsuhide) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough. He's from a rich highschool where only the well educated and rich can go. He has also studied Nadashinyo.[1][2] His nickname is Ashura (阿修羅, Ashura).


Mitsuhide has been shown to be a very kind and caring man, as shown when he had taken care of a dead dog. Mitsuhide also seems to be well mannered and well restrained, as he is able to keep himself from hurting anyone ever again after the incident with Masakazu.[3][4] Kuroda is a calm, soft spoken person, and a formidable martial artist.

Mitsuhide has shown though, that when he is pushed to his very limits, to becomes a monster in martial arts, becoming like Asura, fighting with nothing but rage, as shown with his fight against Kiichi.[5]


Mitsuhide is a very tall and muscular man who has long, dark, and curly hair that runs down all the way to the back of his neck. He usually has a cool expression on his face as shown when he did not even shutter when picking up a dog with his organs coming out.

Mitsuhide is usually seen wearing a bicker outfit consisting of a white tank top underneath a black bikers jacket. He also wears brown leather thick work gloves, blue jeans, and black leather buckle boots. He is also seen wearing a religious cross necklace around his neck.[3]



Mitsuhide was once best friends with Masakazu Naruse. He was even inspired by Masakazu to go to a martial arts tournament where they both flourished. He was then pitted against Masakazu in the final round of the tournament. They both fought hard, but in the end Masakazu had won, but not before receiving a round house kick to back of the neck, which was the cause of his death as Masakazu had gotten a brain hemorage, causing Mitsuhide to be the cause of his death. Which resulted in Mitsuhide to never throw a punch ever again.[6][4]

Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

True Inheritor ArcEdit

Mitsuhide was first seen at an accident, when a trucker had accidentally hit a dog. Mitsuhide had picked up the dog and put it near a grave and then had prayed for it. He had then went up to the trucker's truck and began to destroy it with his kicks. The trucker tried to stop him but was scared off by Mitsuhide's glare. He had continued to beat on the truck using his fists as well until the trucker begged him to stop. Mitsuhide then looked at Kiichi and gave him a smile, then had left the scene on his bike, leaving a wrecked truck behind which he destroyed in less the five minutes.[7]

Mitsuhide had then appeared, after Takako's fight with the three girls was over. He had shown his knowledge of Kiichi's martial by calling it the Nadashinkage-ryu, the art of life and death.[8] Mitsuhide then introduced himself, as highschool student from Seiken vocational, which had gotten Kiichi angry enough to get into Mitsuhide's face. Kiichi had then shook Mitsuhide's hand as he was impressed by his actions against the trucker, the handshake however turned into a test of strength as both tried to prove who was stronger, causing their bones to break. Kiichi had eventually taken the opportunity and tried to attack him, but Mitsuhide is able to dodge all of Kiichi's strikes. Mitsuhide then tried to break Kiichi's arm, but Kiichi was able to try and hit him, breaking the hold. Mitsuhide however is able to sweep Kiichi's legs causing him to loose his balance although he was able to quickly recover from it. Mitsuhide then beckoned Kiichi to go all out on him, which Kiichi gladly agreed to. Before they could continue however Takako had stepped in to their actions from further escalating. Mitsuhide had then left with Takako which showed Kiichi, that they were together romantically.[9]

Mitsuhide was then seen with Takako and had asked her why she interrupted their fight, as she knew Kiichi wasn't a novice in martial arts. She had said that she knew bloodshed would have happened if they continued, as Mitsuhide took off his glove to reveal the marks Kiichi had left on his hand, being very happy that he was seeing it. Takako continued to say that if Mitsuhide were to fight seriously ever again he may end up killing someone again.[10]

Kurama asura

Angry Kuroda.

Mitsuhide was then seen at a grave site where he was praying at Masakazu's grave, and had stated to never fight anyone again. His praying however was then interrupted by Kiichi who was looking for a fight against him. Mitsuhide had turned around and walked away not wanting to fight Kiichi but was stopped after Kiichi had called him a murderer. Mitsuhide however still refused, which had angered Kiichi, which had caused Kiichi to accidentally throw a rock at a hornets nest, which caused a swarm of hornets. Mitsuhide and Kiichi had to defend themselves as they kept cutting the hornets in half using their martial arts. During which Kiichi had gotten close to Mitsuhide, which had caused Mitsuhide to use the very same kick he used to accidentally kill Masakazu, which killed the last of the hornets. Mitsuhide then agreed to Kiichi's proposal to fight warning Kiichi he wasn't the only one who had studied the Nadashinkageryu.[11] Mitsuhide and Kiichi had fought their hardest with Mitsuhide revealing that he had practiced the original martial art Nadashinyo the predecessor to the Nadashinkage, and even loosing control of his anger and becoming asura himself. He was eventually however put down by Kiichi who had used his Hashin sho to stop Mitsuhide's heart. Mitsuhide was eventually recovered and was releaved to see Takako by his side. He and Kiichi had then become friends.[12]

Deadly Physique ArcEdit

Mitsuhide was then seen walking in on Kiichi's training. Mitsuhide had saved Kiichi from drowning as Kiichi had tried to punch the waterfall and slipped. He then offered Kiichi to use his body as a punching bag instead of the waterfall, after seeing Kiichi had have a bunch of scrapes on his hands and feet, they had also heard something in the bushes but had brushed it off as their imagination.[13][14]

Mitsuhide then traveled with Kiichi and they were about to get hit, but Mitsuhide had gotten away and had witnessed Kiichi first success at using Bakutanken, against a car. He had then told Kiichi that many people care about him, as he had referred to Seiko who was hiding in the bushes.[15]

Mitsuhide had then went to Kiichi's match against Goji and had cheered him on Kiichi as he fought against Goji. He had explained many things during the fight such as Goji's Yami Arashi, being likened of a catapult when someone is being slammed by it. He had then left after the match was over with, being given to Kiichi, smiling while he was walking away.[16]


Mitsuhide is very strong, as shown when he was able to decimate a truck within five minutes, with only his bare hands.[17] Mitsuhide's martial arts style is the Nadashinyo, which is the original technique that Nadashinkage-ryu was based off of.[2]


  • Hashin Sho: A technique Mitsuhide used which ultimately makes the opponent fall unconscious, through the force given off the palm of the hand, giving the body as sensual pleasure of being unconscious, although it is a far cry from Seiko's Hashin Sho.[18]


  • Mitsuhide is most likely a Christian, according to what he does before he prays as he had made the Christian sign as well as wears a necklace with the Christian cross around his neck.


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