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Mitsuhide Kuroda vs Masakazu Naruse
Mitsuhide Kuroda vs Masakazu Naruse
Result Naruse is Victorious
Mitsuhide Kuroda Masakazu Naruse
Martial Art Styles
Nadashinyo Unknown
Unknown Inferno Rush
Damage Sustained/Casualties
None Heavily injured

Mitsuhide Kuroda vs Masakazu Naruse is a fight between Mitsuhide and Masakazu, two friends who had entered a tournament together, a year before the series takes place.


Mitsuhide and Masakazu

Masakazu Naruse, invited his friend, Mitsuhide Kuroda, a tournament. Mitsuhide had decided to enter the tournament with his friend, although being a novice to martial arts at the time.

Mitsuhide is able to make his way through the tournament, with ease, using his superior technique and speed. Masakzu was also able to go through the tournament with ease, using his power and endurance. The two friends eventually meet each other at the finals of the tournament.


Masakazu lands a punch on Mitsuhide's chest

Masakazu unloads the first punch on his friend, but Mitsuhide is able to avoid it. The two then begin to unload a flurry of punches at each other, neither giving the other an inch to get their breath.

Mitsuhide roundhouse kicks Masakazu's neck

Masakazu, is then able to use his ultimate technique, Inferno Rush, allowing him to land a hit on Mitsuhide's chest. Masakazu then tries to kick Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is able to jump above Masakazu's kick, and is able to land a roundhouse kick to the back of Masakazu's head, although Masakazu did not feel it effects.

In the end Masakazu was able to pull out a victory, over his novice friend, fighting till the sound of the bell, and winning through points.


Masakazu succums to his injuries

Masakazu was given a trophy for his efforts in the tournament, and neither Mitsuhide nor Masakazu was angered by the results of the tournament. Mitsuhide then congratulates Masakazu on his victory, during his celebration with the other members of their group. Masakazu then falls down to the ground, succumbing to the roundhouse kick to the back of the neck, Mitsuhide had delivered earlier. Mitsuhide had caused his friend a brain hemorrhage. On that day Mitsuhide had decided not to fight any longer, and visits Masakazu at his grave whenever he can, feeling horrible for being the cause of his old friends death.

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