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timate technique of the Engetsu Kenjutsu famous for emphasizing the importance of the first strike with a long sword, often not even giving thought to a second strike. The user of the technique holds his sword in the Dragonfly Stance (蜻蛉構) with the sword positioned vertically above the right shoulder before droping a lunge which somehow becomes a tremendous force while delivering a loud kiai (traditionally, "Ei!"). This is usually done after using a rising diagonal slash as a feint

Mastering the Mole’s Lance requires striking a tree with a bōken or . Trainees are forced to practice the strike three thousand times each morning and another eight thousand times each afternoon. During a hard practice, the wood is said to give off the smell of smoke. One has mastered the technique when they are able to pierce completely through the tree without breaking the Bokken.

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