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森浦, Moriura
Nickname Moriyan
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Becoming a Star
Gender Male
Age 19
Voice n/a
Fighting Style n/a
Family Unnamed Father
A guy with bleached hair that spends his time fighting? People usually call that a thug.

– Moriura to Kiichi.

Moriura (森浦, Moriura) is one of Kiichi's close friends.[1] His nickname is Moriyan (モリヤン, Moriyan).


Not much is shown of Moriyan, but it seems he is more well mannered then his friend, as he usually uses his head in heated situations, as shown when he was didn't fight against Jiro.[2] He is also shown to be loyal to Kiichi always warning him about incoming threats, such as Shimakin and the Osome brothers.[3][4]


Moriyan is a tall well built individual who is usually seen wearing casual clothing. He has short black hair, that is full on the top, and cut to show skin on the sides. Moriyan is also seen wearing an earring on occasions.[1]


Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]

Introductory Arc[]

Moriyan was first seen at school, talking with Kiichi about the new kid, Ishige, who was always being bullied by the other students. Moriyan had also warned Kiichi about Shimakin warning him that he was looking for him.[5]

Moriyan is next seen in front of the school yard talking with Jiro, who seemed to be angered at Moriyan's attitude. He tried to start a fight with him, only to be interrupted by Kiichi, who instead takes a fist to the face.[6]

Moriyan was next seen with Kiichi helping Ishige look more tougher at his dad's barber shop, as they were getting him a tougher hair cut. He then talked with Kiichi about the incoming threat of the Osome brothers and how Jiro was the one who ratted them out. They had then went downstairs to see Ishige's new haircut.[7][8]

While they were downstairs, the Osome brothers had showed up, wanting to know if Kiichi had actually told on them. Moriyan had then watched as Kiichi had lied to protect Jiro, in stating he did, and also able to beat the Osome brothers by himself.[9]

The True Inheritor Arc[]

Moriyan had went with Kiichi, after Kiichi had destroyed the bike owned by the people who tagged Kiichi's house. He, Ishige and Kiichi had then seen an accident occur between a trucker and a dog, with the dog having been killed by the truckers truck. He then watched as a mysterious biker destroyed the truck in under five minutes.[10]

Moriyan was next seen apologizing to Kiichi, having set Kiichi up on a bad date, as the woman wasn't attractive to Kiichi at all. After, getting off by dragging Ishige as his replacement for the date, Kiichi and Moriyan had talked about that biker that had appeared, to which Moriyan had coined the biker's nickname as Asura, to which thought it would be a pleasure to fight against. Kiichi had then seen a beautiful girl and jumped down to talk with her, having left Moriyan to himself.[11] Moriyan had then came down and had told Kiichi, that the biker was from a prestigious school filled with rich smart personel. He had then seen for himself Kiichi and Mitsuhide's handshake, at first believing that they were doing it to test their strength but actually doing it to find an opening in their opponent, to which had led to a near fight between the two, but it was broken up by Takako who had left with Mitsuhide. Kiichi had then showed Moriyan that he had picked up Takako's student identification and planned to use it as an excuse to meet her again.[12]

Moriyan was next seen with Ishige, and had spyied on Kiichi and Mitsuhide's match, watching in awe as the two fighters fought with all their might, which had lead to Mitsuhide becoming the very incarnation of Asura himself, but ultimately leading to Kiichi's victory do to a well placed Hashin Shou, taught to him by his father. He had later congratulated Kiichi on winning the fight against Mitsuhide, after he had revived his heart after being stopped by the Hashin Shou.[13]

Deadly Physique Arc[]

Moriyan had joined Kiichi in spying on Gouji Kanou. The spying soon ended however, as Gouji was attacked by a person, who was angry at Gouji's actions toward his sister, which had caused Kiichi to step in to stop Gouji from completely snapping the person's arm.

Moriyan, along with Ishige, had then watched Kiichi fight it out with, the intercontinental champion of judo, Goji Kano, at the docks witnessing Gouji's elephant like strength and endurance, as well as his mastery of Judo. Moriyan escapes with Kiichi, and Ishige, as the fight was interrupted by police.[14]

Moriyan, Kiichi and Ishige, had escaped the police's incoming pursuit and then found out who called the police, the college professor, introduced as Rika Tachibana, who told Kiichi that she wanted him to get stronger in order to win against Gouji.[15]

Moriyan and Ishige were then seen talking with Kiichi at Donny's, and had heard from Kiichi that he would die in three years, although Kiichi had still wanted to fight against Gouji. They are then confronted by Gouji where he was confronted by Gouji who wanted a rematch against Kiichi. Kiichi had agreed and the fight would take place at the school's field.[16]

Moriyan and Ishige had then taken Kiichi to the hospital after he had collapsed, with Seiko coming in and helping his son. Moriyan had then watched as Seiko had left with his son on his shoulders.[17]

Moriyan and Ishige had then went to the field, at which Kiichi and Gouji will have their second fight. Moriyan and Ishige cheered Kiichi on as he fought against Gouji, having faced many of Judo's most deadly techniques. Kiichi however prevailed and was congratulated by Moriyan and Ishige on his hard fought victory.[18]



  • Moriyan's father is a barber.
  • Moriyan has been seen smoking on occasion.


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