Seiko Hashin Sho
灘神影流, Nadashinkage-ryū
Origin Japan
Anime Debut OVA 1
Manga Debut Becoming a Star
Users Kiichi Miyazawa
Seiko Miyazawa
Kiryu Miyazawa
Kintoki Miyazawa
Son-O Miyazawa
That is the true nature of Nadashinkageryu at time a way of killing. At times a way of rebirth.

– Seiko Miyazawa lecturing Kiichi on the true art of Nadashinkage-ryu.

The Nadashinkage-ryu (Japanese: 灘神影流, English: Nadashinkage-ryū) is the fighting style of the Mizayawa family passed down from generation to generation of heirs, going all the way to the fifteenth heir Kiichi Miyazawa.


Nadashinkage is a mixed martial art style passed down to only the heirs of the Nadashinkage clan. Nadashinkageryu was modeled after, or copied, after the Nadashinyo the original art of life and death. It also shares roots with Yugen Shinkage Ryu and Hagyuu. Nadashinkageryu was first used during World War 2, at the school of Nadashinkage, where a group of assassin's founded the art style, not having much concern for the special services needed during the war.


Medicine and Martial Arts are intimately linked, it is because of that the Nadashinkageryu being an assassination art is able to restore life. The Nadashinkageryu is an art of war and in the warrior’s code, defeat means death. By experiencing death its practitioners learn to revere life. This is the true nature of the Nadashinkage ryu at times, a way of killing. At times, a way of rebirth.

Overview Edit

The nadashinkage is a style of martial art beyond comparison. Specializing in assassination techniques, calculated to deliver the most power while using the minimum of strength it has always been kept away from outsiders. It is a complete combat form that does not limit itself to simple striking and grappling techniques, but also integrates other Chinese disciplines, like the “Shukkaku,” relying on projection technique; the ‘Sanda,” which concentrates attacks on the vital points and joints; or even the “Kushuda-So (to wrest a lance with bare hands),” made to face an opponent with a weapon barehanded.

Passed down from generation to generation directly from the chief of the clan to the heir each practitioner has an incredible knowledge of the human anatomy and in a more classical approach to martial arts training only the barest minimum of techniques are taught to the students and so they are left to discover their own personal fighting style through constant combat and practice with different martial arts schools.


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