Nagahide Kaneda
金田長英, Kaneda Nagahide
かねだ ながひで
Nickname Kin
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) TKO!?
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Kenjutsukan
Family Tetsuzan Kuramoto (Master)

Nagahide Kaneda (金田長英, Kaneda Nagahide) is a fictional character from the manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough. He's called Kin (キン, Kin) by Kiichi.




Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Nagahide Kaneda spent most of his life wishing that would die as due to the being bullied on a daily basis everyday was hell for him. However all of that changed the day he met Tetsuzan Kuramoto and began training the Kenjutsukan Karate style. To that end he began to promote knowledge of the art.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v06p120

It was because of this that without his masters knowledge he entered the same Full Contact Karate Tournament as Kichi. When he fought Yosuke Nishijima during the finals he struck him down in one hit.


Nagahide Kaneda is a real human weapon. He is one of the few students of Tetsuzan Kuramoto to follow him an all of his training techniques no matter how punishing they were. It is for this reason that the day before his match against Kichi his master gave him his black belt.


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