Neo-Tachikawa Special
Tough v22 c228-238 (201)
Kanji ネオ·立川特殊
Romaji Neo· Tachikawa tokushu
Manga Chapter 228
Anime N/A
Type Enhancement
Users Team D

The N.T.S is an upgrade of the T.S that transforms anyone who takes it into a super being who is able to pass every limit they once knew.


Instead of destroying the GDF-8 in the body and then injecting it with IGF-1 like the T.S drug. The N.T.S drug actually replaces GDF-8 with IGF-1 upgrading the bodies own natural genes granting it several special benefits.


The muscles will become able to hold unimaginable power. It is said that those that are injected with N.T.S they will be able to run a 100 meters within 8 seconds, lift a 1 ton barbell with ease and their destructive power will become almost god like. When a rabbit that was injected with the drug was put into a cage with a coyote that had not eaten for 3 whole day the rabbit ended up eating the coyote. If  the T.S drug turns someone into a super version of them self then the N.T.S drug turns them into a hyper version. In addition the 10 minute deadline of the T.S drug has been extended to 30 minutes.

Tough v23 c239-249 (15)
In addition to granting the ability to instantly increase the muscle mass of their body lik with the T.S drug the N.T.S drug allows user to collected muscle mass to absorb and then dispel the force of any attack applied at the exact moment. This ability can also be used offensively by causing the muscles in the limbs to swell drastically increase the power of user’s attack.


Tough v23 c239-249 (124)
The only issue of the drug is that the effects on the body, is drastic. It could completely destroy all of the users muscles, decaying it in an instant.



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