Nigai Jinsei
Oton v02 p062
I’m gonna punch you. Punch you until you bleed. Punch you until I can see bone. I’m gonna keep punching you until your face becomes distorted. Just wait Silent Tiger
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Oton 5
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Eiken Federation of Practical Martial Arts
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Nigai Jinsei is a fictional character from manga series of Oton.



Nigai Jinsei is 190cm tall and weighs 130kg, with a colossal body and a brawny face he is beast on two legs. Clad in muscular armor that seems to have jutted out his very skin. He carries fists that conjure up images of boulders on the ends of his log-like arms


Nigai Jinsei is one of the combatants in an open fighting tournament held once every ten years. During the previous tournament Nigai got into a little scuffle with fifty thugs who were hanging out at the area of the match. Already agitated because of his upcoming battle, he left them all half-dead in the blink of an eye. The police considered this excessive however and with the battle that had been promised to him right before his eyes, he was arrested by the police for assault.

He and Seiko Miyazawa promised to meet again in ten years after he got got out of prison.


Oton v02 p073
Nigai Jinsei is the man currently in charge of the Eiken (Eternal Fist) Federation of Practical Martial Arts. He has been training diligently during his time in prison. Starting nowhere but forward he has been doing nothing but punching. Training day after day with the intent of defeating Seiko Miyazawa. His blood, sweat, and tears all flowed for him.

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