Tough v21 c222 p102
Kanji スムーズ
Romaji Sumūzu
Manga Chapter 222
Anime N/A
Type Enhancement
Users Nadashinkage-Ryu Clan

The Oboro is one of the three sacred objects passed down the through the Nadashinkage clan for generations. It is said to be able to judge a man’s true strength.

Overview Edit

The goal when using the Oboro is to hit faster than your own reflection. The mirror is said to resonate at contact when this extreme technique has finally been mastered.


Tough v22 c228-238 (52)
The Nadashinkage’s main ambition is ridding yourself of your own shadow. Your shadow represents your fear, your doubts. In other words you need to rid yourself of your own self. This requires the user to not only calm their mind but also visualize the one they wish to strike. However they must remember that while what they visualize is what they will strike and it is also what will strike back at them. 

However those that are able to accomplish this will gain the Ultimate Punch. The ability to move faster than the eye can see and thus makes it look as if they aren’t punching but rather their spirit is hitting opponent.

But of course that is not all the power behind this punches has to match the speed to make sure that its effective and that is why users reach can extend or at least look like it is, allowing user to pass the mirror test. But to create such speed the risks are really high and user’s entire body is placed under a huge amount of stress. 



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