Okuri-Eri-Jime (送襟絞, Sliding Lapel Strangle) is one of the twelve constriction techniques of Kodokan Judo in the Shime-waza list.

Description Edit

When applied properly the Okuri-Eri-Jime is a blood choke which works by stopping the blood flow to and from the brain. This can cause the loss of consciousness in as fast as 3 seconds while allowing Uke to breathe normally through the entire process.       

Hand Placement Edit

Begin by having Uke kneel on 1 knee facing away from you. Step in behind Uke and with your right hand, reach in front of Uke and slide your thumb inside of Uke’s left lapel. Make sure that your hand is deep enough to make the choke effective. Ideally, the knuckles of your right hand should be as far back as Uke’s left ear. With your left hand, reach under Uke’s left arm to grab Uke’s RIGHT lapel so that your thumb is inside Uke’s gi.         

Application Edit

To apply the choke, slide your left hand down pulling Uke’s right lapel down towards the belt tightening it.  With your right hand, pull across Uke’s front towards the right. With your left hand taking up the slack in Uke’s lapel, the movement of your right hand will effect the choke on Uke.              

Defense Edit

To defend against Okuri Eri Jime, place your tongue against the roof of your mouth and press strongly. This helps to strengthen the neck. Next turn your head towards Uke's left choking hand and lower your chin.  Reach up and grab the sleeve of Uke's arm.  Pull it down and this will create space between your neck and the choke.

Option A: While reaching up with your hands (based on Uke choking with the right arm), continue to reach up until your right hand can grab inside of Uke's right lapel.   Now, with both hands, pull down strongly creating space to breathe and regain your composure.

Option B: While reaching up with your hands (based on Uke choking with the right arm), grab high up on Uke's sleeve with your right hand and near the elbow with your left.   Quickly jerk Uke's arm down creating space.  Now tuck your chin strongly and drive Uke's arm up and over your face exiting the choke.

Option C: While holding Uke's sleeve, lower your right shoulder and press it down.   Now turn towards the choking arm and turn strongly so you are facing Uke.   This is not as difficult to do as you might imagine as the power for the choke is in Uke's right arm, not the left.

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