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Older brother Grancie
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Debut (Manga) Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 237:
Gender Male
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Family Gordon Grancie (Brother)

Hyce Grancie (Brother)

Grancie is a fictional character from manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.




He is Gordon and Hyce Grancie’s older brother he was the one who discovered there father’s body after his neck was broken from a fight. He acts as Hyce’s corner man during the T.D.K. Before Hyce’s match with Mark Hamilton he went to get him in the bathroom and assured him that his problems urinating was just due to nerves and that he would be fine once the match was over. As they were heading towards the ring they came across Gordon. As they walked passed each other Hyce stopped and told Gorden that despite his cowardice he had become stronger then him.

During Hyce’s match he confronted Gordon calling him out for not attending their father’s funeral. Gordon asked why he was their and not ring side but he wasn’t worried about Hyce’s chances against Mark. He just wanted to know one thing did Gordon kill there father. When Gordon admitted that he did he told him that Hyce would kill him and left for the ring. Arriving just as Hyce got Mark into a rear choke hold which he got out of by poking Hyce in the eye. He ran into the ring demanding that mark be disqualified even though Mark’s corner man claimed it was unintentional  disgusted that the ref wasn’t going to do anything even though eye gauging was only illegal move in the T.D.K he took Hyce to leave with the crowd calling them cowards. However Hyce decided to keep fighting. He tried to convince him not to let the crown sway him but Hyce wouldn’t listen stating that he was no longer scared and wanted to fight.

He watched as Hyce ignored Marks blows and continued to try and grapple him. Even when he fell to the ground and blood gushing from his nose and mouth he continued to get back up. Scared at just how determined Hyce was to keep fighting when Mark went in for the kill he threw in the towel before he could.


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