Onikuijima No Tengu


The Demon Island of the Tengu

Onikuijima No Tengu is said to be the place where the true master of his body lives. The island is known for it’s danger and beauty and people are advised to stay away from it as its common news that the weather around that island is very violent and fickle however

Vision of CarnageEdit

A four stage training session that all inhabitants of Onikuijima No Tengu must go through every year

Eagles BeakEdit

This is the first stage of the Vision of Carnage a steep mountain that the trainee must climb down with their bare hands. There is a rope chain that the trainees can use however going down the chain means getting into a traffic jam, but if you wait, you will fall behind and the whole process is time sensitive.

Slippery AntEdit

The second stage is a slippery cliff that slops at a 70 degree angle making it almost a straight line. It represents the fact that sometimes death is a rather smooth event and a wrong step will indeed bring about a speedy death.

Forest of FogEdit

The third hurdle in the contest of carnage is an incredibly thick forest making it extremely difficult to get through as forcing ones way through the vines and trees with just brute force is exhausting especially after the first two stages. The forest gets it’s name from its thick fog. This area is filled with, a fairly high concentration of carbon dioxide. When a human inhales carbon dioxide that’s at a concentrated level of 3 or 4%. They tend to experience dizziness and pain and if the levels reach 7%, it’s known to alter brain activity causing hallucinations.

Endless SwapEdit

The fourth and final stage is a bottomless swamp. Once this swamp claims your body, you will never be able to escape it’s clutches. There are two ways to make it across. The first; use the rope. By pulling yourself ahead, you can make it all the way to the other side. However It isn’t a tight rope so it will keep going down making this approach incredibly tough as you have to keep your grip and steady your breathing. Another way is to walk around the swamp in its entirety. Of course this will take up a considerable
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