“Each vertebra is tightly connected to the inner organs “

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Occidental medicine concentrates on healing only the parts which are directly affected. Oriental medicine, however, principally observes the vertebra’s influence on the suffering parts. When the stomach is in pain, it’s because there’s a slight deformation in the cervical vertebrae. By strengthening the cervical vertebrae, it’s possible to ease the pain. We treat the affected part without even touching it. The way of martial arts goes through studying three principles: technique, medicine, and art. Deep knowledge about the human body isn’t the prerogative of doctors. Knowing how to kill is knowing how to give life


There’s no story mentioning death by complete fasting, when Buddhism has prescribed it in the deepening of oneself in meditation. In the case that the body wastes away, occidental medicine recommends to continue eating. However in oriental medicine, we don’t look to feed the body by force when it refuses to on the contrary, in such a situation the fasting is considered beneficial for your health. Fasting reinforces the mind it helps to sharpen the five senses. You must sharpen your nerves until you are able to feel even a serpent’s breath only then will your chance to win make day.

Six internal JointsEdit

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The six internal joints are the brain to the soul, the soul to the will, the will to the energy, the energy to the strength, the strength to the nerves and the nerves to the blood. Equilibrium between these six joints create a harmony that improves the circulation of energy all the while strengthening the heart as well as making the body more resistant. In other words it’s balance between your mind and your body.

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