Psychological War
Volume 3, Chapter 25
Chapter 25 cover
English title Psychological War
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date September 19, 1994
New Characters n/a
Forbidden Extreme Methods
Spirit of Compassion
Psychological War is the twenty-fifth chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the twenty-fifth chapter in the series.


Kiichi gets up, stating he loves Nadashinkageryu. Seiko shows up, and Kiichi repeats what his father had said to him, not being able to loose. Kiichi is able to keep fighting, as Goji is unable to block his punches, being shocked by Kiichi's durability. Kiichi then punches Goji's nose and, while Goji is on his knees, begins to knee him right in the nose, giving him one final knee, before Goji's teacher interrupts the match. Goji pushes his teacher out of the way, wanting to fight Kiichi, and not caring about the Olympics anymore. Goji then slams Kiichi on the ground and uses a sleeper hold to try and strangle Kiichi, although it seems Seiko is not worried for his son.


Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi gets back up, wanting to prove himself as the rightful heir of the Nadashinkage-ryu.
  • Seiko comes to watch his sons fight.
  • Goji is in shock, and Kiichi take advantage of that kneeing him in the nose continuously.
  • Goji's teacher tries to stop the fight but gets push out of the way.
  • Goji no longer cares about the Olympics, and only wants to fight Kiichi.
  • Kiichi is slammed and put into a sleeper hold by Goji.
  • Seiko does not seem worried for his son.


All characters in bold are new to the story.

  1. Goji Kano
  2. Kiichi Miyazawa
  3. Mitsuhide Kuroda
  4. Seiko Miyazawa
  5. Ishige
  6. Moriyan
  7. Goji's Teacher


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