Remco Yahrob
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レムコ・ヤーロブ, Remuko Yārobu
Nickname n/a
Origin Hawaii
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Love Skipping
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Sumo Wrestling
Family Unnamed Mother

Remco Yahrob (レムコ・ヤーロブ, Remuko Yārobu) is a fictional character from the manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He weight 260 kg, and his height is 2 meters.

History[edit | edit source]

Koukou Tekkenden Tough[edit | edit source]

Remco Yahrob is a sumotori and the second fighter to challenge kichi for the chance to fight Iron Kiba. Remco’s greatest dream is to reach the status of Yokozuna.

Hawaii[edit | edit source]

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Remco was born in the slums of Hawaii. His mother was the type of person who couldn’t live without alcohol. Knowing that his mother only knew misfortune in her life Remco vowed to make her happy. And when a man came offering him the chance to become a Sumo wrestler Remco saw the chance to reach that goal. Before he left he promised her that he would do everything he could to become yokozuna as soon as possible.

Sadly in a drunken rage his mother kicked him out of the house accusing him of running away from her. The last time he saw his mother was her running after his bus begging him not to leave.

Devil Factory[edit | edit source]

Though he has won all of his matches he is still considered a Jonokuchi. After his first fight with Kichi to which the later was only able to save himself in their first fight by biting him right in the vein. Shawn J. Akutsu convinced him that even though all of his opponents were junokuchi as well he should consider the grunt work he had to do beneath him as it took away from his training time. Remco decided to quit Sumo to become a street fighter after defeating all of the higher ups at his dojo when they tried to teach him a lesson for his insolence. Afterwards he went to Akutsu’s Devil Factory.

He and Kichi fought again once he finished his training. Before he left he was given a combination of HCG and steroids. After his defeat he decided to go back to the Dohyo.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

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Thanks to his physique and training regular attacks along with joint locks and strangulations don’t work against Remco’s gigantesque body. Also because of his training his hands have become huge and as hard as stone allowing him to turn anyone to dust.

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As a result of his trip to the Devil Factory Remco became the perfect combatant. His weight excess was all removed without taking away any of his muscle mass. So Remco gained both in strength and speed. The cardiac and respitory functions were stimulated for increased endurance and the relaxation of the articulation gives him much greater freedom of movement.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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