Rika Tachibana
Rika Tachibana
立花リカ, Tachibana Rika

たちばな リカ

Nickname n/a
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) The True Face of the Champion
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style n/a
Family Unknown

Rika Tachibana (立花リカ, Tachibana Rika) is a college professor at Goji Kano's school, as well as one of Goji's lovers.[1]


Rika seems to be a very lustful woman as she enjoys having sexual relations with her students, as well as any person who is younger then her as well as kissing Kiichi even though they had just met. She also seems to be very devious, as she had plotted against Goji, and even saved Kiichi during his match with Goji.


Rika is a beautiful woman with long, back length, blonde hair. She usually wears makeup, such as eyeliner and red lipstick, as well as having long nails. She is seen wearing a long coat, a dark shirt, and a long knee length skirt, and heels.[2]


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Deadly Physique ArcEdit

Rika was first seen meeting Goji at a remote location in town, where they went to a motel and had relations with each other. [1] Rika was seen, noticing Kiichi and Goji's scuffle, where she was shocked as she saw Kiichi actually knock back Goji with a kick to the face.[3]

Rika had then mets Kiichi, Moriyan, and Ishige, after the fight with Kiichi and Goji had been interrupted by the police, revealed herself to be the caller of the police. She had chuckled when Kiichi tried to confidently think he would have beaten Goji. She then kissed Kiichi on the lips.[4] Rika had then introduced herself to Kiichi and his friends, as she found the similarities and glaring differences between Goji and Kiichi, as Goji and Kiichi are fighters, but Kiichi was more obedient as Goji preferred to take everything. She had then asked Kiichi to get stronger so he can crush Goji in a fight.[5]

Rika had met Goji during school, and had revealed that she knew Kiichi. She had told Goji that Kiichi enjoys fighting strong opponents while Goji enjoyed fighting to hurt people. She had called him the lowest of fighters. Though it didn't have any effect on Goji who simply degraded her by touching her breast and told her he didn't care what she thought, which lead to Rika calling Goji a brute.[6]

Rika had shown up to watch Goji and Kiichi fight each other. She had noticed Kiichi when he first appeared to fight Goji. She had watched Kiichi with a smirk, when Kiichi had rushed Goji in their fight.[7][8] She had shown to be worried during the fight when Kiichi was slammed to the ground by Goji, she had even turned away when Goji had used Kubi nage.She had then smiled when Kiichi had gotten back up ready to fight, even after having suffered against major techniques used by Goji.[9][10] She had then become horrified when she saw Goji slamming Kiichi on the ground with his most deadliest technique Yama Arashi.[11] Rika had then went to Goji and Kiichi after their match and had thanked Kiichi for beating Goji, as it had improved not only as a judoka but as a human being as well. Kiichi had then given Rika to be more honest about her feelings for Goji, telling up front instead of hiding it.[12]



  • She is a math teacher at Goji's college.


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