Koko Tekken-den TOUGH v18 c182 - 060
Nickname The Apparition/ The Demon of the Black Dragon Temple
Origin America
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Gender Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 174:
Age Male
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Fighting Style Karate / Wrestling / Shooto-Fighting
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Rodoma is a fictional character from manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.


Rodoma’s violence is only equaled by his cruelty. He won’t stop until he’s destroyed everything in his reach.



When Kichi came to the temple Rodoma was following the “Illuminary Burial” training which he agreed to do so that Noh would teach him the Shingon ha. Noh put him through the illuminary burial hoping that it would calm him down a little. Seeing that it has only made him even more violent. Noh however refused to teach it to him because he still couldn’t grasp the teachings of the school. Rodoma attacked Noh in a fit of rage but was stopped by Kichi. Noh then informed him that Chosho wished to inherit the Shingon-ha as well.

It was agreed that they would fight in three days first Chosho and Kichi would fight then the winner would fight Rodoma. Rodoma later ambushed Chosho while he was doing his chores. However Chosho quickly showed that Rodoma was no match for him surprising everyone present. Chosho quickly ripped apart the ligaments in his knee but Rodoma was able to fight on through sheer adrenaline. However he still proved to be no match for Chosho. Rodoma the Apparition whom everyone feared is on the ground broken reduced to nothing bathing in his own urine


Koko Tekken-den TOUGH v18 c180 - 014
Rodoma is able to send a bull weighing over 500 kilos flying with a single punch. He’s so incredibly powerful that he’s lost human emotions.

techniques Edit

  • Wedge Shot - a powerful, downward elbow to the top of the head. This move is used by Rodoma to counter any attempts at grapple with him.
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