Ryu Zanshuraku
Koko Tekken-Den TOUGH v02 - 053
竜斬首落, Ryū Zanshuraku
りゅう ざんしゅらく
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryu
User(s) Kiichi Miyazawa
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Ryu Zanshuraku (竜斬首落, Ryū Zanshuraku; literally: "the Fall of the Decapitating Dragon") is a Nadashinkage-ryu joint-clutching technique.


Ryu Zanshuraku is a standing submission that solidly blocks the right elbow and the neck followed by a suplex. When executed solidly Ryu Zanshuraku is nothing less than a lethal technique.

In the first manga series, Kiichi Miyazawa used that move against Mitsuhide Kuroda.

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