Sanae Kikuta
Tough v12 c121 16
Nickname Ground Maniac
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 103:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style THR combat
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Sanae Kikuta is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


Kikuta is a very modest person whose breathing goes wild just by the pressure of a dangerous opponent’s glare. In that weakness lies his strength. It’s because he thinks of his opponent as a superior being that he prepares the most elaborated strategy. And he tries to overcome the difference with exhaustive training.




Kikuta was once apart of a group considered the outcast of THR combat techniques. There were those with talent for hitting and those talented in ground techniques. A group where nobody was from a school or a club, only martial arts enthusiasts assembled here to exchange fighting techniques. We had no money, but we had a dream. To become strong all together and it’s with this will that they founded our own dojo. Did this by borrowing 50 million yen from Dogen. Dogen ended up betraying them however. Even though it was popular and the dojo’s management was going smoothly they ended up losing everything by getting screwed over sleazy real estate agent.

Dogen informed Kikuta that to pay him back he would have to become his slave with no other choice Kikuta became the Leader of Team D. He knew he had a chance to be free when entered the Hyper Battle Tournament as the fight money would allow him to cut all ties with Dogen.


Too intellectual to catch. Too elaborate for judo. The only place this man could shine in would be where you see “the most dangerous matches without rules”. Member of Team D self-proclaimed crazy for grappling and supervisor of it. The ground maniac.

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