Scarf Hold
Scarf lock
袈裟固め, Kesa Gatame
けさ がため
Fighting Style Grappling
User(s) Gosaka
Similar Headlock

Scarf Hold (袈裟固め, Kesa Gatame) is a grappling technique.


Kesa gatame or "scarf hold" is a pinning hold that is performed from side control by turning slightly sideways, spreading the legs for stability, and encircling the opponent's head with one arm and holding the other arm close to the chest. Transitions and submission holds are comparatively difficult to perform effectively from this position, instead a variation of this hold is used called kuzure-kesa-gatame (崩袈裟固) or "modified scarf hold". This hold is similar to the kesa-gatame, except that instead of encircling the head, the opponent's arm is encircled. Kodokan Judo also classifies the commonly used techniques ushiro-kesa-gatame and makura-kesa-gatame as kuzure-kesa-gatame.

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