Seiko Miyazawa
Oton v01 132.jpg

宮沢静虎, Miyazawa Seiko

みやざわ せいこ

Nickname Oton
Quiet Tiger
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 1
Debut (Manga) Becoming a Star
Gender Male
Age About 40
Voice Masakatsu Funaki (Japanese)
Dan Green (English)
Fighting Style Nadashinkage-ryu
Family Kiichi Miyazawa (Adoptive Son)
Kiryu Miyazawa (Brother)
Son-O Miyazawa (Brother)

Teachings without rigor only breed a weak fist. Studies without concentration only breed a fist without reason.

– Seiko to Kano's school teacher.

Seiko Miyazawa (宮沢静虎, Miyazawa Seiko) is one of the main characters in the manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough. He is often called Oton (オトン, Oton). His nickname is Quiet Tiger. Seiko was the former head of the Nadeshinkage Clan and also the father of Kiichi Miyazawa and brother of Kiryuu and Son-O. He is the current user of the tiger kick.


Stern but caring, Kiichi’s father Seiko is the current head of the underground murderous fighting school Nanshin Shadow Style. His unrivalled strength combined with his gentle nature and wisdom have earned him the nickname "The Quiet Tiger".

Seiko is revealed to be a very strict yet caring person, to his son at least, as he is very strict on Kiichi's training, not helping him with his ailment, and yet had helped him achieve the secret technique, fist of Bodhisattva.[1][2] Seiko deeply loves his son Kiichi, and trains him harshly to prepare him for the hardships he will face as the next head of Nanshin Shadow Style.


Seiko has a buzz cut, having a full head of hair on top, and showing much skin on the side of his head. He is usually seen wearing casual clothing, and may sometimes go topless, during times of training with his son.[3][4] He is also seen, when going out, wearing a black business suit, coming with a black tie, buttoned up white shirt and dress shoes.[5]



Seiko had once faced against Kiba, in a death match with him. Seiko had suffered from major injuries, but in the end he had won against Kiba, costing Kiba an eye in the process, making Kiba very angry and obsessive over beating the Nadashinkage-ryu.[6]

Koukou Tekkenden Tough

The True Inheritor Arc

Seiko first appeared eating at the table, in which he told Kiichi he must wake himself now, being a second year highschool student.[7] Seiko was then seen going to work, and told Kiichi, after washing the graffiti off his door step, to help the neighborhood with yard work[8]

Seiko, after being asked by his son, decides to spar with Kiichi. Seiko teaches Kiichi that eye sight is essential for martial art style, understanding the weak points of the opponent. Kiichi then charged at Seiko, in which Seiko is able to block Kiichi's bone breaker, bruising Kiichi foot. Kiichi tries to hit Seiko in the face, but Seiko blocked it, and used Hashin Sho to stop Kiichi's heart. Kiichi got mad at Seiko, but Seiko told Kiichi the meaning of the martial art style they use, Nadashinkage-ryu the Art of Life and Death.[9]

Deadly Physique Arc

Seiko was then seen at his house, and noticed Kiichi's ailment, as Kiichi could no longer hold down his food like he used to. Seiko then trained with Kiichi, and inspected his body, and found out that Goji had hit his chuin. He told Kiichi that martial arts was supposed to be used to kill, and those who do not have compassion will most likely win the fight, kindness was weakness.[10] Seiko told Kiichi about the technique Goji used, a technique that would kill him in three years, telling him Goji is far more dangerous knowing the human body pressure points.[11]

Seiko then went to the hospital, to find his son hurt in bed. He uses oriental medicine which healed Kiichi, hitting Kiichi's vertebrate. He then carried his unconscious son from the hospital, to the Miyazawa residence, where he told Kiichi to hit him with his Hashin Sho. Seiko was able to easily avoid it, and then tells Kiichi, that his Hashin Sho will never hit a moving target. He then showed Kiichi a secret technique to use instead, Fist of Buddha, which had left a mark on the tree.[12]

Seiko helped Kiichi with his training of the Fist of Buddha technique, inconspicuously, as he had helped Kiichi see death's light, through near death experience of a car crash, although he was noticed by Mitsuhide.[2]

Seiko was then seen watching his son, as he fights with Goji.[13] When the teacher for Goji, tried to stop the fight between Kiichi and Goji, being rejected by Goji, Seiko explains to him, that in order for Goji to improve his Judo, he must fight without excessive preventions.[14] He had then explained that Kiichi was able to beat Goji, because he had reached a state of consciousness that only Buddha's have been able to reach, using Bosatsuken twice.[15]

Seiko was then seen walking with his son, when his son asked him if he was going to respect him more. Seiko then reward Kiichi by giving him the ability to eat again. Seiko was then later seen, during the night, at the house eating a lot, as it is revealed that Seiko had been fasting along with Kiichi in order to keep up with him.[16]

Fear of the Wrestlers

Seiko is next seen eating out with his son, when he had to stop a wrestler named Fujita, from further abusing his companion Funada. He then broke Fujita's arm, after being goaded by Fujita to fight him, and then runs away with his son.[17]

Seiko and Kiichi run all the way to the docks, Kiichi asked why Seiko had used his full force against Funada, to which Seiko told Kiichi that he knew the fear of the wrestlers. they were then confronted by Funada, who had followed them, who asked Seiko to fight him next.[18] Kiichi however steps in for Seiko, and before they are able to fight Kiba comes. he and Seiko's past together. Seiko then allows Kiichi to fight in his place going to go against Funada.[19] Seiko talks with Kiba and tells him not to underestimate Kiichi, who is the Nadashinkage-ryu inheritor. He watches as his son defeats Funada and intervenes when he saw that Funada would not stop until his actual death, knocking Funada out before such a thing could happen. Seiko then hears Kiba's proclamation of having his wrestling go up against the Nadashinkage to which Kiichi accepted.

Seiko is then seen at his home, being angered about something. He had showed Kiichi what was unsettling him, which was that Kiichi's fight with Funada was known and that the Nadashinkage-Ryu was known to the public, which was supposed to be a shadow style not known to anyone. Kiichi did not understand what the significance of this meant and Seiko had proceeded to kick Kiichi. Kiichi was able to block the kick but unable to see the palm that Seiko had given him before the kick. Seiko smiles and tells Kiichi not to fight against the wrestlers.

Seiko was then seen at the warehouse, where he and Kiichi trains, finding that Kiichi was protecting his elbow. He inspected Kiichi's body, to find that some of his ligaments and joint were injured. Seiko had deduced that Kiichi had fought against Heizo Onikawa, "The Destroyer", and had told Kiichi that he had only won because Heizo let him do so.

Seiko was then seen buying some benito and walking out the store where he was approached by Samon Kiyomasa.


Having practiced Nadashinkage-ryu for a long time, Seiko is a master of the martial art style, helping Kiichi practice and give him advice on how to use the martial art.[20]

Seiko has practiced oriental medicine, knowing all of the human body's pressure points, and using them to heal his son, whose injuries was too serve for occidental medicine.[21]

Seiko also possesses the physical condition called the Tiger's Foot (Japanese: 虎腿蹴(タイガーシュート), Taigā Shūto), which only occurs in 1 in 2 million martial artists. This causes the musculature of his legs to develop abnormally tougher and rigid. Seiko takes advantage of his Tiger Foot in smashing kicks.



  • Seiko is actually the younger twin.


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