Seiya Kono
Koukou Tekken-den hTough v23p031
Nickname Human Shell
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Koukou Tekkenden Tough Chapter 237:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Wrestling
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Seiya Kono is a fictional character from manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.




Three years ago Seiya met Yoshiki three years ago at a dinner meeting to confirm a match between the two. However Yoshiki saw wresting as fake and a waste of time and refused before he left he insulted Seiya asking him if he felt inferior to real fighters. When he didn’t back down Yoshiki left stating that they should fight one day.


Seiya fought Yoshiki in the Tdk. Upon arriving at the ring Yoshiki bragged that like Garcia he was going to beat him in three seconds. Finally remembering who he was during the match Yoshiki attempted to defeat him using just pro wrestling moves. However Seiya surprised the crowd by saying that prowrestling moves don’t work in a real fight.


Seiya is a simple brawler who relies on his size and strength. He hasn’t even mastered the basics of wrestling as noticed when Yoshiki was able to easily get out of his tackle

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