シマキン, Shimakin
Nickname Shimakin
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) Becoming a Star
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Brute Force
Family Unknown
As for you, you feel like meeting the graveyard?

– Shimakin to Kiichi.

Shimakin (シマキン, Shimakin) is a juvenile delinquent and leader of the Shimakin gang.[1][2]


Shimakin is a very cruel person. He willingly beat up Ishige just to gain information about Kiichi. He is also shown to be very prideful in his gang and name.[1]

Although Shimakin is a horrible person, he does have some respect for his oppenents. This is shown when he stops his gang from ganging up on Kiichi, telling them that he had to be the one to defeat him.[3]


Shimakin is a very large and robust man. He has very large muscles covered by fat. He is bald and is only seen wearing blue overalls as well as a headband and some brown leather boots.[1]


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Introductory ArcEdit

Shimakin was once in juvenile detention for hurting other innocent people who made him angry, as well as having a gang.[2] Shimakin had made his first appearance, beaten two of his members up, of his own gang just because they had lost to one person.[1] He, along with his gang, find and then interrogated Ishige to find out where Kiichi's location was.[4]

Ishige refused to tell Shimakin, even with him nearly being beaten to death. Kiichi then showed up to fight for Ishige. Shimakin wanted to fight Kiichi by himself and told his gang to stand back as he fought Kiichi. Shimakin was able to take the punch to the gut and threw Kiichi to the wall. Shimakin, after Kiichi had gotten back up, had tried to punch Kiichi but instead had gotten caught by Kiichi who snapped his wrist and arm in half leaving Shimakin in agonizing pain.[5]


Shimakin has been shown to have increadible strength, as shown when he was able to knock back a very inhuman Kiichi.[6]

Shimakin isn’t just fat his fat protects his muscles from the inside as well as from the outside like armor.


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