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Shimei Ou
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王獅冥, Ō Shimei
おう しめい
Nickname Kamaitachi
Origin Taiwan
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Shokei Ken
Family Unnamed Wife and Child
Debut Information
Manga Series Tough
Match 60: Love Towards His Son
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Anime n/a

Shimei Ou (王獅冥, Ō Shimei) is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


Shimei Ou was a man with a pure heart. A man able to feel the joy of people like him. Good gives rise to good. With the happiness of being surrounded by those he loved dearly Ou's future was bound to be radiant. Even so a merciless god imposed a cruel trial and then occurred this tragic event. His family was murdered by some mysterious murderer. But even so Ou wouldn't have known how to kill someone. He wouldn't have killed even the vilest of people. He knew that for the sake of vengeance he wouldn't have another choice other than to abandon his humanity.

After gaining Shokei Ken, Ou's presence became more animal than human. Even after his vengeance was accomplished, he continued to fight because of the reminiscence of the past. He continues to find in every human the criminal who killed the ones he loved.




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Just 2 years ago Ou Shimei was one of the best doctors in Taiwan. When he learned of his wife's pregnancy he went to Shin-I Rokugoken for the secrets of Shokei ken. As in addition to wanting to help people by being a doctor, he also wanted to be strong enough to protect his child. When the master refused Ou thanked him and went on his way.

Sadly one tragic day returned home to find his family murdered in a botched robbery. Seeing the ones held so dear reduced to a mass of flesh without life he didn't notice that the thief was still in the house and was stabbed. Even with this Ou survived. Because a dead man wouldn't be able to avenge himself, Ou swore to punish the one responsible and as soon as he was able to he snuck into Shin-I Rokugoken and stole the scroll to the forbidden secret technique.

Kiryuu Miyazawa found him at his family's grave, pledging that he would get vengeance for them. After informing him that he wouldn't be able to stimulate the forbidden point on his own, Kiryu offered to do it for him. A wild beast won't avenge itself. It is said that the act of being vengeful is only meant for humans, but it's precisely for this vengeance that Ou rejected his human side. For changing into something superior to the beast, a beast man - the Kamaitachi. And in the end, Ou was able to avenge himself. He killed his family's killer in a way that makes you want to vomit. What was left of the body didn't look human anymore.


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Ou Shimei's presence is more animal than human. His movements aren't those of a human making his attacks completely unpredictable. His movements are different, his speed is different, his destructive power is different, his physical abilities aren't those of a human. He's nothing but a wild animal.