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The Shindou School of Taijutsu is a sadistic style whose aim is not to defeat or even kill the enemy but to utterly destroy them.


In general the fight to the death is taboo in the Shindou style, but when a practitioner doesn’t have any other choice than to fight crushing the opponent completely is the safest option. To the Shindou style this means killing them without killing them at all. So that they may tell others the power, the fear, the terror that inspires the Shindou School of Taijutsu.


Tough v05 c45 - 073
A vortex pulls objects into its center, and likewise, a user of Kadou-Ken seeks to pull his enemies into a range too close for effective weapon use, a range where grappling is more effective than normal blows. An ancient style created to fight samurai and its practitioners are trained in methods suited for fighting those who rely on weapons. This often means getting in close, disarming the foe, and throwing them down into a Gyaku-Waka (lock technique) that can disable all but the toughest foes. Strikes are also used, to disorient, offer openings, or to finish off a foe, and are often used repeatedly in specific patterns, to take advantage of the natural tendency of the human body to move in certain ways when struck.

In terms of combat, the general strategy would be to get in close, as fast as possible, and stay there. Because of this, speed is a hugely important factor, allowing the user to close into a range where the opponent may not be capable of effectively countering or defending. Strength, while less important, is none the less necessary to ease the difficult of throwing down and striking, however sending an opponent flying in any direction other than straight up or down is not recommended-- that is, unless you have such a speed advantage that you can keep up with the flight of your target. The goal is to not give the opponent time or space to recover fully, leaving them on the defensive for the remainder of the fight.

When it comes to the first step of closing in, the user should simply wait for an opening, utilizing a minimum of movement, in order to conserve energy until you burst towards the opponent at top speed, taking advantage of whatever opening possible to close in and make it your fight.

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