Shingo Aoi
Koukou Tekken-den Tough v10p064
葵新吾, Aoi Shingo
あおい しんご
Nickname Shingo the Seer
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 2
Debut (Manga) The Punching Bell
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Goetsu Jiu-jitsu
Family Genshu Ibara (Master)
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Brother (Deceased)

Shingo Aoi (葵新吾, Aoi Shingo) is a fictional character from the anime and manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough.


Shingo has spent his life living in his brother’s shadow. Whether he was crying or laughing his father would never gave him a hint of attention. Instead he would focus on Shingo’s sick older brother. This left Shingo always feeling left alone and ignored. Even his brother’s death didn’t change a thing. His father kept talking about him and got more depressed every day. It is for this reason that Shingo began training in martial arts so that his father would look at him and realize that he wasn’t weak like his brother.



Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Shingo Aoi is the inheritor of the Aoi financial empire and the third person to fight Kichi to gain the chance to challenge Iron Kiba. He interrupted Kichi and Yoshiki’s battle and ended up breaking Yoshiki’s arm before challenging kichi to a fight.

He ended losing to Kichi when the later used a variation of the Tasuki lock. The last image Shingo saw before passing out was his father’s crying face looking at him. His master broke his arm for dishonoring the Goetsu style by losing.


Shingo has been training since he was young in the ancient form of jiujitsu, but he also knows the majority of the combat techniques in the world. thanks to it’s unique training techniques Shingo’s muscles and joints are already naturally flexible the range of his articulations was even more developed. In addition he calculate all of his opponent’s moves ahead of time.


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