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Wave of The True Speech/True Words Wave

The ultimate technique of the School of Eiken that can have only one inheritor. It is said that he who is able to master this technique is able to defeat an army of a thousand men.


Back in the day there lived two famous samurai, Muramasa and Masumune. They both were formidable blacksmiths. One day, their master decided to find out which one was the most gifted. One of Muramasa’s katana was placed into a river where they let a tree leaf drift. Almost like it was sucked in, it met with the blade and was cut in half. So then came Masumune’s turn. The leaf acted like it deliberately avoided the katana. No matter how many times they tried again that leaf never was cut.  Against all odds the master stated that “a katana isn’t only made to cut people down”, and declared Masumune the superior to Muramasa.


Shingon-Ha is a technique transmitted to hardcore Buddhists that takes fifteen years to master. It eliminates conflict at its source without fighting. Regardless of their anger or their madness, any kind of being will find peace with the Shingon-Ha. Even a pack of wild, blood thirsty wolves would become gentle lambs when faced with it.

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