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Shokei Ken is a secret occult art the secrets of which are hidden away in the Shin-I Rokugoken shrine.


The human body has over 2000 energetic points which are distributed over meridians of 1MM. within those point are the “8 Forbidden Pressure Points” which should not be touched except if you want death.

8 prohibited pressure pointsEdit

  1. Tough v07 c72 - 155
  2. fumen sako
  3. sofu-senji
  4. ryokyo-takyoku
  5. chushin-ryohei
  6. ryojin-fushin
  7. biryo-fufu
  8. kaitei-ryoin.

9th PointEdit

There is a ninth forbidden point referred to as the cerebral point of bestiality which when pierced changes a human into a “Beast-Man”. Touching the cerebral point of bestiality requires one pierce their cranium itself to reach their brain. Even an error of 1mm will at worst end in their death and at best leave them in a vegetative stage.


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Those who have obtained the Shokei Ken séace to be warriors and become little more that wild animals. Until the battle is over they can’t distinguish between friend or foe their cruel look like that of a man-eating tiger whose stomach can never be filled continuously tearing its prey apart.

The aspect of that defines the Shokei Ken, the ability to Berserk is well-known for both its unspeakable ferocity and its potential for destruction. Its true power comes from fact that it reduces the warrior to a state of mental savagery that allows him to go beyond his normal physical bounds.

While in this state, the warrior’s typically serene fighting demeanor is replaced by a posture of absolute animalistic ferocity. While in this state, the warrior is greatly enhanced physically, but is subsequently rendered unable to use any advanced techniques, and is prone to cutting down both friend and foe in his blind savagery.

User relies on instinct with little to no regard towards his own well-being ignoring injuries and overpowering his enemies with brute strength and force. This makes them an incredibly versatile and effective fighter as it is clear that their movements aren’t those of a human making their attacks completely unpredictable.

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