Suzuki Minoru
Tough v16 c165 - 049
Nickname The Wind
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 19:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Hagyuu School
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Suzuki Minoru is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


True to his name Minoru changes as the wind blows, and appears and disappears unnoticed.




Suzuki Minoru is a Hagyuu clansmen ordered by the Four Foxes Board to defeat Kichi for dishonoring the clan after finishing the Sokugoku training. Suzuki initially refused because he felt that do to their standing as an out of date isshisouden defeating the nadashinkage was beneath him but changed his mind when he found out who Kichi’s father was.

He came across Kichii by accident as he was challenging the Seisikin karate school for their sign and decided to help after its students attacked him when he defeated their master.

The two fought when they left as kichi was angry at the callous way he defeated Waka. It was here that Suzuki revealed the real reason he decided to accept the assignment of assassinating Kichi. He wanted to see the Quite Tiger again after witnessing his strength in his battle against Shirogitsune. After finding this out Kichi took him to go see his father in the hospital.

Decided to enter the Japanese elimination match along with kichi. There he fought Kiryu who proved to be to strong for him. After his defeat he decided to be Kiryu’s disciple.

He ended up fighting Kichi again after the later had defeated Ou Shimei even though Kichi could barely stand and was seeing double. Fortunately he couldn’t defeat him in the time it took the match to in making it a draw.


They say the Wind of the Hagyuu can level forest with his strength

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