“What are the limits of a human beings strength?”

Iron Kiba


Koukou Tekken-den Tough v22p165
The Tournament Dedicated to Kiba, better known as the T.D.K.

It’s a real celebration of various combat techniques. Under the terms of Kiba’s will a tournament assembling the very best athletes in the world who face off against each other for the title of “Strongest Hono Sapien in the World”. The location for all of the fights will be. A special ring built on the footsteps of .

Rules Edit

All the combatants along with the desired match ups comply with Iron Kiba’s will. The sixteen valiant combatants square off in four split blocks. The winner of each block will then go straight to the final four. The Strongest Homo Sapien in the World will be awarded with the highest monetary prize in history. The winner will receive a prize of twenty billion yen. The totality of Iron Kiba’s remaining funds. In other words, the one who wins this tournament will not only receive that title they’ll also get Kiba’s fortune

Pandemonium Square Edit

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v23p084
The is a squared Dohyo that is ten meters long

on each side. The participants will wear small gloves that allow the fingers to be free that have been approved by the organizers. The use of a month guard and jockstraps have been allowed. However the use of knee pads has been forbidden. The length of the fights will be twenty minutes or less with the exception of eye gouging, all strikes are allowed. Victory will be achieved by knockout, submission, referee or doctor stoppage or even because of illegal blows. If there is no victor withing the first twenty minutes. The fight will go to the three judges for a decision

Roster Edit

Block A Edit

Peter Kaman

Kakuryo Kurisu

Edgar C. Garcia

Ricardo Itoh

Block B Edit


Barkley the Magnificent

Seiya Kono

Yoshiki Takaishi

Block C Edit

Shuto Azuma

Kiichi Miyazawa

Gozo Fujita

Enzo Sasakawa

Block D Edit

Mark Hamilton

Hyce Grancie

Gordon Grancie

Sergei Kuristchov

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