Tachikawa Special
Kanji 立川特殊
Romaji Tachikawa tokushu
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Type Enhancement
Users Team D

The T.S drug is a Muscular Reinforcement product created by Doctor Tachikawa

Description Edit

The Tachikawa Special is a two part treatment where the user’s muscles are first augmented by destroying the Genetic Factor GDF-8 which blocks its growth. They are then injected with IGF-1.


T.S grants its users the ability to instantly increase the muscle mass of their body, allowing them to drastically increase in size and strength almost instantly creating the perfect “muscular monster” the most powerful on the planet. When tested on a mouse trapped by a cat, the mouse ended up attacking the cat creating a sordid spectacle as the white fur becomes blood red as it ate.

The abilities granted by T.S, while great, are also temporary, and self-destructive. The drug only works for 10 minutes if the antidote isn’t administered within that time limit the user’s muscles will explode through their skin. 



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