Nickname Rhino
Origin Japan
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Gender Male
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Fighting Style Yugen Shinkage Ryu
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Taikan is a fictional character from manga series of Tough. He is one of Yugen Shinkage Ryu ‘s Heavenly Kings of Death


Taikan is a stoic individual who rarely displays much emotion. Even in battle he appears notably calm. In fact in addition to the money and the interesting people he meets the main reason he works at his job is that it is agood place to learn social skills.



A stocky, middle aged man, Taikan wears glasses with a frame that wraps around his ears, a black stripped neck tie, a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, slacks and dress shoes. His hair is jelled so that it is pointed in the middle s


For the past 20 years Taikan has worked in regular white collar job.

Nada HuntEdit

Taikan was the first of the Heavenly Kings to challenge Kichi. While Taikan completely dominated the fight  Kichi was eventually able to get him into a head lock and despite repeatedly being rammed into the side of the truck he refused to let go eventually choking Taikan out. Upon regaining consciousness Taikan was ready to restart the fight only to  be informed that Buzan Shinomura was already fighting Kichi.


Taikan has spent the past 20 years combining the Yugen Shinkage Ryu with science in order to defeat his fellow Heavenly Kings. After all the art’s main concept is based on perplexing with visual illusions. To this end Taikan fights in a refrigerated truck the temperature of which is set at minus 20 degrees Celsius. That’s the kind of environment where you can hammer nails with a banana and if you sneeze, the snot freezes up your nose. Taikan uses the haze of cold air to create images which fool the parallax of the right and left eye and affect the sense of depth perception. While quick due to his size Taikan is far less maneuverable then his companions however his technique enables him to kick with the elegance of a ballerina and effectively he hits with the force of 2 tons

Taikan’s favorite technique is the headbutt though basic when combined with his durability is incredibly destructive. Taikan in strong and durable enough to not only headbutt the side of a truck multiple times but flip it over and still continue to fight.

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