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Takako Kawashima vs Three Girls
Takako vs Three girls
Result Interrupted
Takako Kawashima Three unnamed girls
Martial Art Styles
Unknown None
None None
Damage Sustained/Casualties
None Mildly Injured

Takako Kawashima vs Three Girls is a fight between Takako and three unnamed girls, outside in a street corner.


Takako stands outside at a street corner, waiting for someone. She is then interrupted by Kiichi Miyazawa, who wants to ask her out on a date, after seeing how beautiful she looks. Takako however refuses to go out with him. Their conversation is then interrupted by three rather large unnamed girls, who are looking for a fight with Takako.


The middle girl charges in on Takako, trying to punch her, but Takako is able to dodge the attack, and is then able to hit the girl in the face, knocking her down. Another girl tries to attack her from behind, but she is able to stop her by kicking her in the neck, and kicking her face to knock her down. The girl then pulls out a knife on Takako, and tries to stab her with it, but Takako is saved by Kiichi, who blocks the knife for her, ultimately ending the fight, with no winner.


Kiichi is clawed in the face, by one of the girls, as they run away from Kiichi and Takako. Kiichi then properly introduces himself to Takako. Takako in return gives him her name as well as a Band-Aid for the claw marks. Takako then tries to guess what type of style Kiichi uses in his fight, and they are soon joined by Mitsuhide who reveals that he has knowledge of Kiichi's technique, Nadashinkage.

Kiichi and Mitsuhide then begin to glare at each other, and then shake each others hands, to try and see if there was an opening for them to exploit. Kiichi then takes the offensive first and tries to punch Mitsuhide, but Mitsuhide is able to dodge without much effort. Before the fight could escalate however, Takako stops the fight. Takako then leaves with Mitsuhide leaving Kiichi heart broken and a real urge to fight with Mitsuhide.

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